Several elected leadership opportunities are available to interested students in grades 3-12. At each campus, the student councils represent individual classes and, at the high school level, the student body. The duties of the student council include: sharing student ideas, interests, or concerns with the administration; planning campus activities, and helping raise funds for or researching/organizing community service projects. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) serves at the Middle Campus and at Upper Campus, students may be elected to a Class Officer position (7-12) or to the Associated Student Body (10-12).

Meet Our Student Leadership

Tyler Jonson | ASB President

Tyler Johnson, Class of 2018

Q: Why do you want to serve the student body at Pinewood?
I like to be able to help out my school because I have gained so much from going here. I feel like by participating in Leadership and, more specifically, ASB, I am able to show how grateful I am for the experience of going to Pinewood. It is also just nice to see the behind-the-scenes of how Pinewood runs so smoothly.

Q: What do you love about Pinewood?
I love how inclusive Pinewood is. I feel like because of the way the school is run, everyone feels very welcome to all of the sports teams, choirs, clubs, and extracurriculars that Pinewood offers. You can also form great relationships with your teachers because they all make time for each of the students. That relationship is something I haven’t been able to have in many of my prior schools.

Q: What are you involved in, outside of ASB?
Boy Scouts, A cappella, choir, football, basketball, Interact Club, and the Spanish Honor Society

Q: Where do you see yourself in ten years?
I see myself starting a family and beginning to provide for them, finding a job that I love and working hard, and living near where I live now (or working my way back) because the Bay Area is so unbelievable.

Q: What makes you happy?
Family, friends, and freedom are the "three Fs of teenage fun," and I think they describe me pretty well. I would also probably add sports to the list.

Q: What's one thing you recommend to the reader of this article?
I would recommend that everyone develop their spike ball skills. It's a game that you can be good at at most ages and it is SOOOO much fun. The more skilled the players are, the more fun the game is. (I also really love volleyball and this is kind of like a spin off of that.)

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Moving On Up

Congratulations to our 2018 8th-grade graduates!