Clubs + Extracurriculars

Fun + Learning Outside of the School Day

We give our students every opportunity to grow in their talents and discover new passions through our broad range of clubs and extracurricular activities.

Club Spaces Still Open

  • To join a club with open spaces or to add your name to a wait list for a full club, please use this form.
  • Club Lottery results have been emailed to parents.
  • If you selected an Enrollment Confirmed Club, your student has been added to the 2nd semester roster.
  • Questions? Please contact Barbara Hantke at

"As a freshman coming into Pinewood, I never imagined I would get involved in so many things – sports teams, clubs, student government, and an a cappella singing group! Everything is so visible on campus, and all you have to say is, 'I want to try that, too.'"
– Pinewood Student