Student Life

Unlimited Exploration

Pinewood students are given every opportunity to uncover new talents and investigate their potential in a supportive environment that unleashes possibilities.

At Pinewood, students can perform in the school play, help raise funds for a cause, compete in a variety of sports, visit other countries, or join one of the many clubs offered on campus. No matter what endeavors our students choose to pursue, their experiences spark a journey of self-discovery that is never defined or restricted by labels. At Pinewood, you won’t find the usual stereotypes or clichés—just unlimited exploration.

The Crucible

Visual Arts students work with metal, glass, and flame at Oakland makerspace

To the Fairy Garden!

Kindergarteners use gloves, spades, and imagination to create a new, tiny world.


Upper Campus is up to our usual shenanigans as we celebrate our Panthers

Creating Your Story

Author/illustrator Nathan Hale delights K-12 students with historical tales and his own inspirational journey

Transformation in 3D

3D printing opens a world of possibilities for self-expression, innovation, entrepreneurship, and beyond