Problem-Solving Through Podcasting

The Pinewood Scholars Program (PSP) at Upper Campus is an innovative curriculum focused on real-world problem-solving. One way our scholars have been engaging with world issues this year is through listening to and creating podcasts.

Why should our students invest time on podcast creation?

  • It’s a chance for students to develop their voice. Students can own the entire process: inquiry, research, composition, editing, and launch. In the process, they practice their public speaking skills, interview skills, and communication skills.
  • Podcasts are an exceptional way for all students to participate. Because students can prep ahead of time and edit, all kids, including introverts, thrive when given a chance to podcast.
  • Podcasting develops lifelong skills. Students learn how to research, think critically, create, iterate, and empathize with an audience. We might even have students market their podcasts and learn how to reach an authentic audience.

Here, we've compiled a few of our student-created podcasts for the Pinewood community to enjoy. Find all PSP podcasts here.

This One’s In by Annika D.

Annika interviews Coach Doc Scheppler in this exploration of grit and girls sports.

Skateboards vs. School Boards by Bambos C.

Bambos weaves the history of skateboarding and interviews to create a compelling argument around the “bad rap” that skateboarders receive in the community.

Cafeteria Controversy by Sophie A.

Sophie looks into the unhealthy choices in school cafeterias and offers suggestions about how one can take action for better food choices in one's school.

Where Are the Girls by Nikhila N.

Nikhila analyzes reasons why girls are not joining the STEM fields and offers potential solutions.

Burgers or Bust by Allyson L.

Allyson digs into the beef industry and the effects it has on the environment and consumers.


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