Pinewood Goes to Ashland

This month, a group of our Upper Campus students took the opportunity to travel to Ashland, Oregon for the Oregon Shakespeare Festival. Throughout their time at the festival, our group attended multiple shows, discussed the plays they watched, participated in an educational workshop, took a mindfulness-centered nature walk, and experienced the beautiful city of Ashland. 

During the workshop led by Oregon Shakespeare Festival educational guides, students explored characters and themes of Shakespeare's works by acting out Shakespeare's idioms, analyzing select lines of Shakespearian text, and experimenting with different choices for the subtext of Shakespeare's words.

Junior Sarah Feng said of her experience,

"I think the night we watched Romeo and Juliet was pretty demonstrative of Ashland's transcendent vibe. It was literally fifty degrees outside and we were still all sitting out there, wrapped up in a bunch of blankets, with these huge lights blasting onto a stage full of glowing props and costumes, and it was like being in a separate dimension."

Read more about the Ashland trip in this Perennial article by sophomore Riva Rubin.