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Intercampus Creative Writing Workshop

On Friday, February 8th, the Upper Campus Creative Writing Club hosted a Creative Writing Workshop for our Middle Campus students. Club leaders Mihika Badjate '19 and Sarah Feng '20 came up with the idea to connect our campuses through an interactive creative-writing event. They proposed the workshop to Principals Gabriel Lemmon and Sarah Haun, invited and secured attendees, and handled all of the event's logistics. “Mihika and Sarah are rockstars,” club advisor Ms. Strand said, “This workshop was the brainchild of their initiative and ingenuity. And based on the number of attendees (there was even a waiting list!), it was obviously an appealing choice for our community.”

During the workshop, nineteen Middle Campus students and ten Upper Campus students played a story-creation game, shared writing samples in small groups, and did short writing exercises on specific prompts such as: What If you had a set of minions for a week? and In the future, a boy on a distant planet grows up hearing stories about Planet Earth. Our elementary students also got the opportunity to ask the Junior- and Senior-High students about their writing processes and about life at Upper Campus.

Both Sarah and Mihika were inspired to create the intercampus workshop because they know the value of focusing on creative writing at a young age. “I started writing young and I know I would have absolutely loved to have as much guidance as I could get,” Sarah explains, “My year on Middle Campus was a fertile incubator of my passion for creative writing, so I hoped to bring that same magic back for current students!” Mihika says that “it’s important as a writer to get used to sharing and receiving feedback, because learning how to process and apply feedback really helps you grow and improve. As part of the workshop, the students took turns reading their pieces out loud, and the rest of the group provided constructive criticism.”

The Creative Writing Workshop was a huge success in bridging two of our campuses and encouraging creativity and excellence in writing. “I was delighted by the collaboration and warmth I saw between our older and younger students and so impressed at how bravely our Middle Campus writers offered up their work for feedback,” Ms. Stand remarked. “Clearly, Pinewood creates a culture across campuses where each writer's voice is valued. We look forward to hosting more workshops like this in the future!”

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