FCD Visits Pinewood

FCD (Freedom from Chemical Dependency) Prevention Works™ is the leading international nonprofit provider of school-based substance abuse prevention services. For decades, FCD has worked worldwide to provide students and the adults who care for them with the knowledge, understanding and skills they need to make intelligent, healthy choices about alcohol, tobacco and other drug use. (fcd.org)

This week, Eduardo Torres, an FCD Prevention Specialist, hosted a series of presentations and discussions at Upper Campus, including two assemblies (one for Junior High and one for High School), over a dozen small group meetings with 8th- and 10th-grade students, a meeting with our faculty, and a parent evening.

In the fall, our students took an anonymous survey for FCD that asked our students about their beliefs and choices around alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. The results of this survey helped to guide this week's discussions. We look forward to sharing the summary results of the student survey with the Pinewood community in the near future and have an ongoing commitment to helping our students make healthy, educated, and informed choices.

“On average, I visit and present at thirty-five schools every year. Pinewood is one of the healthiest communities I have ever seen and the results from the anonymous survey support that. There is some sort of magic here."
– Eduardo Torres, FCD Prevention Specialist

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