Here's How We're Forming Connections

This year, our Social + Emotional Learning theme at Middle Campus is Connections. By fostering an environment on campus in which every member takes initiative to connect with others, our goal is that every student would feel relevantnoticed, and included.

In this video, students Jackie and Violet share the story of how they first connected.

During our class meetings this week, we used role play to recognize the difference between reactive listening (not really listening) and reflective listening (really listening). The goal is to help our students be more mindful of their listening habits as they form relationships and grow personally.

Parents, bring this theme of connections home by asking questions like these:
In our home, are we reactive listeners or are we reflective listeners?
What are some good questions one can ask when trying to get to know someone new?
What are ways you can be more inclusive at school? 
Who do you know who goes out of their way to be inclusive? 
If you see someone sitting alone at lunch or recess, what could do to form a connection?

On the Horizon
This year, there will be a series of friendship lunches in which each student will be paired with another student who is outside of his or her grade level or social circle in order to continue to strengthen inclusiveness on campus.

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