The Sensitive Type

Our K-2 students engage in social and emotional learning through Kimochis, a program that helps children and families manage feelings and behaviors. During Pinewood's campus closure, the Kimochis have continued to be a central part of the fabric and language of our Lower Campus students' curriculum.

This week, our students will be learning about and discussing sensitivity. Sensitivity can sometimes be spun as a negative quality. However, it's really a superpower that helps us develop empathy, understanding, friendships, and compassion! During this unusual time – with our routines thrown off, our social interactions limited, and our fears or frustrations creeping in – it's important to be sensitive to our own feelings as well as those of the people around us. There is no better time than now to cultivate sensitivity in our children.

Below are a few resources from our Lower Campus teachers that parents can use to encourage sensitivity in their children. The beautiful thing about social and emotional learning is that all of us – even grownups – can benefit from these lessons.

  • This video, titled From Mindless to Mindful, encourages viewers to focus on the current moment and to tune in to our feelings.
  • This Kimochis character sheet will help children identify and talk about their feelings. Parents and children can use this to facilitate a conversational check-in.
  • This Kimochis resource offers help to those struggling in the wake of a difficult event or circumstance.
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