An Attitude of Gratitude

Our K-2 students engage in social and emotional learning through Kimochis, a program that helps children and families manage feelings and behaviors. During Pinewood's campus closure, the Kimochis have continued to be a central part of the fabric and language of our Lower Campus students' curriculum.

Suddenly, we find ourselves just days away from the end of the school year – and what a year it's been! The last few months have been filled with unexpected events and uncomfortable shifts, but there's still so much to be grateful for. This week, our K-2 students will be focusing on gratitude in their Kimochis discussions and throughout their various classes. Let's focus on an attitude of gratitude together.

Below are a few resources from our Lower Campus teachers that parents can use to encourage gratitude in their children. The beautiful thing about social and emotional learning is that all of us – even grownups – can benefit from these lessons.

  • Have a conversation about your child's favorite memories from the year. Here, Kid President lists a few ideas to get the brainstorm going. Use this awesome worksheet from Mrs. Riches to help record your grateful reflections.
  •  Watch one of Ms. Gustavson's favorite videos about gratitude. "Be ready," Ms. Gustavson says, "you will feel different after watching."
  • Is there a difference between gratitude, happiness, and contentment? This video compares the three states of mind.
  • "Being grateful comes from looking for and feeling for good." Watch this one-minute video on gratitude.
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