1st Graders Take Filoli

From 1st-Grade Language Arts Teacher, Alice Johnson
The history and beauty of Filoli captured the minds and hearts of our 1st-grade students when they visited the magnificent house and gardens in Woodside. Our tour of this historic site began in the spectacular ballroom where a docent gave the students a short lesson on how to dance the Charleston; they giggled as they practiced the movements and then danced to music from an old record player. The croquet game was set up on the lawn for the children to enjoy just as the Bourne’s granddaughters did when they came from Ireland every year to spend the summer at Filoli. In the butler’s pantry, the children saw antique kitchen utensils and learned how to arrange a breakfast tray for Mrs. Bourne. They were very careful as they carried the silver tray set with a porcelain teacup and saucer and a dainty chocolate pastry to the dumb waiter to be delivered upstairs. Nothing spilled and nothing broke while the teachers held their breath.

Thousands of spring bulbs were in full bloom. The tulips filled the formal gardens with swaths of pink and yellow contrasting with delicate blue forget-me-nots. The children gazed in amazement at the intense colors. The sky was crystal clear and the sun warmed the herbs in the garden and the lilacs along the path so that the children could enjoy their fragrance. Their thoughts and imaginations are now filled with ideas and information for unique creative and descriptive compositions.

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