Alumni Spotlight: Ping Yeh ’94

Ping Yeh ’94 closed a Series B investment round for his company, StemoniX. Ping was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2012. His path to recovery was challenging because his cancer was resistant to chemotherapy. To survive, Ping needed to receive the max potency (max toxicity) treatment. However, the only way to test whether his heart survived the drug toxicity was a post-treatment measurement. Stunned that there wasn’t a way to pre-test medications, Ping took his knowledge of nanotechnology and skills leading cross-functional teams to solve this challenging problem in the life science industry. Ping now leads a team that is upending conventional drug development and toxicity testing by enabling researchers to quickly and economically conduct high throughput toxicity and drug development studies in ready-to-assay plates containing functional microOrgans engineered from hiPSCs.

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