Alumni Spotlight: Jackie Gerson ’16

Jackie Gerson ’16 is a third-year honors student studying the history of public policy at the University of California, Santa Barbara. During her senior year at Pinewood, Jackie's mom was diagnosed with melanoma and passed away the following summer. To honor the memory and spirit of her mom, Jackie has worked with Camp Kesem, a national organization supporting children of parents affected by cancer, since her freshman year. Every summer, Camp Kesem runs a free week-long sleepaway camp for children whose parents are affected by cancer. The camp is completely funded by donations and run by the students, who work tirelessly to ensure the children can enjoy a week of fun and forget about the difficult realities they face at home. For Jackie, supporting this cause is an ideal that she inherited from her time at Pinewood, where she learned to care for others and give back to her community. Learn more and donate to Camp Kesem >>

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