Visual Arts

The arts curriculum promotes visual literacy while providing an opportunity for students to discover their own unique style, artistic expression, and creativity. Designated art rooms at all three campuses provide settings that allow students a venue for creative exploration. The curriculum emphasizes drawing and painting projects in addition to instruction on a vast art-related vocabulary. In every class, master works are presented in an effort to inspire students and contribute towards their knowledge of art history. These core skills help improve artistic capabilities and provide the necessary background for students to formulate and express opinions about their own work, their peers’ work, and the work of the masters.

Visual Arts | Grades 7-12

The Upper Campus Visual Arts program (7-12) focuses on creating competent artists and communicators. Our curriculum encourages experimentation and helps young artists communicate their unique voice, develop proficiency in various media, and appreciate art history and contemporary art.

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Visual Arts | Grades K-6

The K-6 Visual Arts program focuses on providing opportunities for students to discover their own unique style, artistic expression, and creativity through drawing, painting, papier-mâché, clay, book making, sculpture, animation, and more.

Kindergarten students create Fairy Houses using colorful paper, feathers, beads, stickers, and more!

Second-grade students build and decorate majestic castles from cardboard.

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Pinewood Performing Arts presents its second of two Fall plays