A Rich Legacy of Excellence

The arts hold a special place at Pinewood.

Our founder, Gwen Riches, started Pinewood as an after-school arts program. As her students learned to see their world from new angles – by performing, singing, and dancing on stage, as well as by painting, drawing, and sculpting – their performance improved in all areas of their education. Today, on every Pinewood campus, Gwen Riches’ philosophy shines through more vibrantly than ever. Students from kindergarten through 12th grade study drama, take part in plays and musicals, and learn a variety of increasingly complex visual arts techniques. The results speak volumes. Our students express themselves confidently, respectfully, and vividly, not only with their peers, but with adults. This ability gives them a huge advantage when they enter college—and for the rest of their lives.

Performing Arts

The first objective of our performing arts program is to help our students grow as confident, clear communicators. Each year, every student in kindergarten through 6th grade participates in a well-rehearsed, finely tuned class play. Parents are invited to volunteer as costume designers, makeup artists, and stagehands in these productions. When it comes time for performances, our students are thrilled to show their families all that they've accomplished. We love to watch our students blossom as they grow within our encouraging and fun drama program.

At Upper Campus, our junior high and high school students have the opportunity to become involved in Pinewood Performing Arts (PPA), Pinewood's highly regarded program for music, theatre, and dance. Every year, Pinewood Performing Arts produces two full-scale theatrical productions: a straight play in the fall and a large-scale musical in the spring. Additionally, students can perform, travel, and compete with our choirs and award-winning cappella group, Take Note.

Experience Pinewood Performing Arts at Upper Campus 

Our students become more well-rounded by participating in the performing arts as they explore their strengths, embrace challenges, honor the unique talents of their peers, and work productively with others.

Visual Arts

Pinewood's arts curriculum promotes visual literacy while providing an opportunity for students to discover their own unique style, artistic expression, and creativity. Designated art rooms at all three campuses provide settings that allow students a venue for creative exploration. These core skills help improve artistic capabilities and provide the necessary background for students to formulate and express opinions about their own work, their peers’ work, and the work of the masters.

Explore Pinewood Visual Arts at Upper Campus

Our student artists set high goals and standards for their work, explore their interests and cultivate their passions, and learn to take risks as they create.