Performing Arts

The first objective of the theatre experience is to train fine communication skills. No other experience better instills self-confidence and self-esteem than presenting oneself well in front of an audience and receiving deserved praise. Therefore, every student in kindergarten through eighth grade participates in a well-rehearsed, finely tuned, annual class play. Additionally, our high school students have several Performing Arts opportunities available to them throughout the year. Directors train students in the effective use of voice, face, and body in order to represent oneself in a dynamic manner. These communication skills, and the resulting self-confidence are invaluable assets for life. The second objective of our theatre program is to provide a venue for some students to excel outside of the academic or athletic arena. The goal is that every student has a place in which to feel a sense of accomplishment and success.


Pinewood Performing Arts presents its second of two Fall plays

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