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These are one-hour events hosted by our Director of Admissions for prospective parents to learn more about Pinewood School. To register, select the campus link below.

Please note: Our Lower and Middle Campus (grades K-6) information sessions have concluded. To view one of our previously recorded events, click on the buttons below.


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"It was incredible how well the Pinewood Teachers knew my son and how they recognized his strengths and then gave really, you know, actionable feedback to help him have opportunities for growth."- Current Pinewood Parent

Student Virtual Visit

Our team looks forward to helping you through the Admissions process at Pinewood School. Although we would like to show you our beautiful campuses in-person, we are unable to do so because of COVID-19 restrictions. Please scroll through our gallery and brochures to learn more about Pinewood School.

Admissions Inquiries

Admissions K-6
Email | 650-209-3020

Admissions 7-12
Email | 650-209-3060

On this episode of Cultivated Three parents share why Pinewood was the clear choice for their students, and for their families.

Individualized Paths, Communal Support

Students at Pinewood are encouraged to inquire, engage, and be aspirational. These six seniors represent an entire class of graduates who exemplify that truth.