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A Quick Look at Our High School

Pinewood’s high school profile is a quick snapshot of key information that includes: school and curriculum overviews; student academic performance; SAT, AP testing, and National Merit recognition statistics; an overview of the athletic program and extra-curricular activities; and college admission and placement data for the last three years.

"Pinewood offers an academically challenging curriculum as well as the extra curricular activities students need built into their school day."
– Pinewood Parent

Admissions Inquiries

Admissions K-6
Email | 650-209-3020

Admissions 7-12
Email | 650-209-3060

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"This is an extraordinary school. From academics to values to arts to sports. . . truly a gem. The school is filled with excellent educators, administrators and counselors dedicated to shaping bright futures for our kids. As parents, we couldn’t be more thrilled and we are truly grateful to be a part of the Pinewood family."– Pinewood Parent