Pinewood is a welcoming community comprised of students and faculty from diverse corners of our world.

Our international students experience a friendly, inclusive atmosphere among their peers, instructors, and administration.

Does Pinewood Accept International Students?

Our school accepts a limited number of International Students who are fluent in English and who are interested in joining our community between seventh and tenth grades with the expectation that they will stay a minimum of two years.

Does Pinewood Issue I-20 Visas?

Pinewood does not issue I-20 visas to International Students.

What are the admissions requirements for International Students?

It is unlikely that a non-native speaker will be admitted to Pinewood without having completed a minimum of 1 year at an English speaking school in the U.S. The admissions requirements are the same for domestic and International Students. The process includes: Math and English teacher recommendations, academic records, ISEE/SSAT scores, student interview and shadow visit.

Does Pinewood Provide an ESL (English as a Second Language) Program?

No. We do not offer any ESL/ELL support. Other than world language courses, all classes at Pinewood are taught in English. English proficiency is of the utmost importance for an international student's success. Pinewood’s curriculum relies heavily on reading, writing and speaking English.

Does Pinewood Offer Skype Interviews for International Applicants?

All international applicants must visit the school in-person; Pinewood does not conduct interviews via video or teleconference.

Does Pinewood Offer Boarding Facilities?

No. Pinewood School is not a boarding school. We do not provide housing for students or help students find homestays or local housing. At least one parent must be living with the student in the Los Altos area. This is non-negotiable.

What is the Parent Expectation at Pinewood?

Parents are expected to participate in their child’s school experience by attending academic progress/college counseling meetings and athletic/performing/visual arts events.

International Students

A Friendly, Inclusive Atmosphere

Individualized Paths, Communal Support

Students at Pinewood are encouraged to inquire, engage, and be aspirational. These six seniors represent an entire class of graduates who exemplify that truth.

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Admissions Inquiries

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