Taking Tech to New Heights

Applications for technology enrich the learning environment at Pinewood as our teachers actively pursue new strategies for creating a vital, innovative, and engaging learning environment.

Through our 1:1 iPad program, technology use deepens understanding and expands course content as students explore topics from varied perspectives and create, curate, collaborate and share ideas. Computer science and design thinking curriculum is part of our K-12 journey, equipping students to become responsible members of our global digital community.

We embrace our responsibility to educate our students to be life-long learners as well as safe and responsible digital citizens. The role that critical thinking skills and technology play in that success is extremely important.


We believe that coding, design, and engineering skills are all fundamental aspects of a 21st-century education and necessary in almost every career path our students may take. We utilize technology when doing so elevates the learning experience for our students as well as the effectiveness of our teachers.

Our K-6 program is designed to scaffold over a seven-year path. This helps our students build a solid foundation and comfort level in coding and design/engineering, and–if a passion is discovered–develop and explore it further.


In kindergarten, KIBO robots are used to illustrate some of the early concepts of basic coding. These robots allow for programming without screens, which we attempt to minimize at the early grade levels. Coding instruction takes place about once per month.


Students utilize Scratch Jr.,, and Ozoblockly to program using block-based languages. Additionally, they work on early design and engineering skills with our Mobile Maker Carts. Coding instruction takes place twice a month in math enrichment classes. Students engage in maker-oriented subject matter in each of their core-subject classes throughout the year.


Starting in the 3rd grade, students have dedicated weekly Coding and Design/Engineering courses, focusing on block-based programming using Scratch, Swift, and Ozoblockly. Students also develop valuable skills utilizing the design thinking process, basic mechanical tools, CAD, 3D printing, and laser cutting. Our students are poised to progress to text-based programming languages such as python.


Students work from grades K to 6 to build skills in coding as well as design and engineering. During the final ten weeks of their Design/Engineering class, 5th and 6th graders complete a build project that merges these fields together and solves a real-world problem for the greater Pinewood community.


For those who want to dive deeper, we offer an abundance of clubs and competition opportunities at the K-6 level:

  • Creating with KIBO Robots (K-2)
  • Little Maker Club (1-2)
  • Middle Maker Club (3-4)
  • Advanced Maker Club (5-6)
  • Introductory Robotics (3-4)
  • VEX Robotics Club/Competition (5-6)
  • Tech Challenge Competition (4-6)

Our programs lay foundations for all of our students to succeed during their time at Pinewood, college, and throughout their careers.

iMaginarium Makerspace

Our iMaginarium serves many student learning objectives on our Middle Campus. It functions as a computer lab, with the latest and greatest MacBook Pros for students to use on digital projects, but also serves as our makerspace, where they can imagine and design to their heart's content using a number of tools, 3D printers, a laser cutter, electronics, and craft supplies. The room also serves as our campus library nook, where students can check out books, or just relax and read. The space was designed to be flexible and promote creativity. With the exception of a flat-panel display and a four-foot-wide LEGO wall, the entire front of the room is one huge white board where students meet to brainstorm, imagine, and collaborate.

“Pinewood is the best place to prepare young talent for the 21st century – to live, learn, and work.”
– Pinewood Parent

Everybody Counts

Kindergarteners make connections to math, history, geography, and one another through language

The Sensitive Type

Pinewood's K-2 teachers offer SEL resources to help parents promote sensitivity