We Are a K-12 School With Three Campuses

Welcome to Our Community

Lower Campus

Grades (K-2)

Student Enrollment | 125

Average Class Size
Kindergarten | 7
Grades 1-2 | 14

Student-Teacher Ratio | 7:1

Total Faculty + Administration | 21

Participation in The Arts | 100%

Middle Campus

Grades (3-6)

Student Enrollment | 175

Average Class Size | 18

Student-Teacher Ratio | 10:1

Total Faculty + Administration | 26

Participation in The Arts | 100%

Participation in the after-school sports program
Grades 4-6 | 79%

Participation in intramural sports
Grades 3-6 | 83%

Upper Campus

Grades (7-12)

Student Enrollment | 300

Average Class Size | 12

Student-Teacher Ratio | 7:1

Total Faculty + Administration | 54

Participation in The Arts
Grades 7-8 | 100%
Grades 9-12 | 45%

Participation in after-school sports | 78%

Participation in intramural sports | 80%

Sixty years ago, Gwen Riches started an after-school enrichment program in her home. This became Pinewood School. Today, our three-campus K-12 school balances rigorous academics with robust enrichment classes. Our students engage in meaningful, varied opportunities that empower them to explore their talents and develop new skills. Pinewood is a joyful community with passionate, accessible teachers and administrators who partner with students and parents in the education journey. With state-of-the art updates, our facilities provide the space for all to flourish. We inspire the best in our students as we encourage them to become kind, well-rounded people who are poised to change their world for the better.

Letters from our Principals

Welcome to Pinewood School’s Lower Campus. We appreciate you taking an opportunity to learn about our exceptional school where a tradition of excellence in a nurturing and supportive environment is clear upon walking on the campus.

Pinewood offers a well-rounded education which addresses the academic, social-emotional, physical and intellectual growth of its students. Students enter a welcoming and joyous environment where each child is honored for their diverse gifts and unique personalities.

The curriculum in the early elementary years provides a solid foundation in core skills while simultaneously offering enrichment opportunities in art, physical education, Spanish, science, music and drama. After school clubs, field trips and enrichment activities extend the learning beyond the classroom.

Our talented and passionate teachers care deeply about their subject matter and the development of each child. The small class sizes allow teachers to get to know each child personally and focus on their overall development and success. This attention and commitment to each child provides students with the opportunity to experience the joy in learning and become confident young learners.

On behalf of the Lower Campus Faculty and Staff, I would like to extend an invitation to visit our campus and see our school in action. I am sure that you will be pleased with visiting and observing our engaged students and committed faculty.

Karen O'donnell, lower campus Principal (K-2)

Thank you for your interest in Pinewood School. At Middle Campus, grades three through six, our focus on academic excellence and character development provides children with the opportunity to grow and develop exponentially.

In all of our offerings we are committed to rigorous standards in instruction and learning. Our teachers are experts in their fields and all are passionate about their subject matter. They help to inspire a love of learning and a quest for knowledge in each child at Pinewood.

Our nurturing environment and caring community help children feel safe to explore new activities, get out of their comfort zones, and really learn about themselves and what they are capable of doing and achieving. Whether it is acting in a dramatic production, collaborating with classmates on a science fair project, participating in a team-building activity, playing a sport, or singing in the choir, there is something for everyone here. Our solid curriculum, balanced with a wide variety of activities and annual events, helps to develop well-rounded students who leave Middle Campus with the necessary foundation and confidence they need to succeed at the next level of our K-12 college preparatory program.

By reading through our website, I hope that you will get a sense of what makes Pinewood School different and unique. Please don’t hesitate to schedule a time for a visit. We hope to welcome you to our school.

Sarah Haun, Middle CAMPUS Principal (3-6)

With all the possible educational opportunities in the Bay Area, why choose Pinewood? It may seem a simple answer, but we think it’s the people that make Pinewood the difference. Whether we’re reviewing new student applications or interviewing for a new faculty position, we look for people who will be a pleasure to work with, study with, and be with everyday. We pride ourselves on cultivating a warm, welcoming environment, one that fosters and promotes intellectual curiosity, academic achievement, and creative self-expression.

In this environment, our students develop the self-confidence to challenge themselves in the classroom, and in extracurricular activities, athletics, the visual and performing arts, clubs, and publications. Our faculty members are experts in their fields who love the classes they teach, and are eager to share their knowledge in an interactive, participatory style of teaching that noticeably engages students in the learning process. We not only offer students a robust and challenging curriculum, but also emphasize the importance of being contributing members of society who get involved in subjects and activities that ignite their passions and create lifelong learners.

At Pinewood, we strive to create enthusiastic, collaborative, critical thinking 21st century learners. Once you see all that Pinewood has to offer, you will understand why we say, “Pinewood is the difference” and why it could be the right choice for you.

“Our little girl entered high school at Pinewood shy and uncertain. Four years later, she emerged a young woman who knows herself as a scholar, an athlete, an actress, and a great friend. What a gift.” PARENT OF AN ALUMNA
"For ten years, I have witnessed this magic: genuine care and concern by our inspired teachers that ultimately inspires students to reach their potential. It is an honor and a privilege to work with such a devoted staff."PINEWOOD Faculty member
"I don't think it would be possible for me to love a school more. This place has been life changing for my entire family. The dedication of the staff is incredible. Every day when I drop my kids off it feels so much more dear than simply taking them to school, it feels like I'm taking them to spend time with the rest of their family at their home away from home. My children thrive here. They are safe, nurtured, challenged and loved, and they feel it at Pinewood."PINEWOOD PARENT
“The teachers care so much! They've helped me grow into a great person because they push me to become better every day.” PINEWOOD STUDENT

Opportunities & Experiences Offered at Every Level

Our students engage in meaningful, varied opportunities that empower them to explore their talents and develop new skills.


Our mission is to provide competitive opportunities that emphasize the lifelong values of sportsmanship, individual effort, teamwork, dedication, and integrity.

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Our students learn to see their world from new angles—by performing, singing, and dancing on stage, as well as by painting, drawing, and sculpting.

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We aim to enhance the way students learn, communicate, and connect with the world around them by promoting innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

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Student Life

No matter what endeavors our students choose to pursue, their experiences spark a journey of self-discovery that is never defined or restricted by labels.

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Our students build tenacity and resilience, becoming confident leaders and contributors inside and outside of the classroom. It’s no wonder that Pinewood students’ academic achievements match or exceed those of any school in the area.

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Providing a quality education for K-12 students in Los Altos and Los Altos Hills, California.