Graduation Requirements


High School

Students attending Pinewood School from 9th through 12th grade are expected to complete the courses listed below. Students entering the school after the 9th grade will be expected to meet as many of these requirements as possible, depending on scheduling and the approval of the academic committee.

• Literature           4 years     12 units
• Writing           2 years     6 units
• Mathematics           3 years     9 units
• Science           3 years     9 units
• History/Social Studies           3 years     9 units
• Modern Language           3 years     9 units
• Physical Education           2 years     2 units
• Visual Performing Arts           1.5 years     4.5 units
• Computer Science           .5 years     1.5 units
• Advanced Electives           2 courses      
• Community Service           20 hours per year      


Courses are weighted according to academic challenge. All college preparatory classes receive 1.5 units per semester, while physical education and some electives receive 0.5 units. Student schedules are based on grade level, fulfillment of graduation requirements, availability of classes, and student request. The minimum high school course load is six classes each semester, or five classes if a student is taking three or more AP classes.

Junior High School

• Literature 2 years
• Writing 2 years
• Mathematics 2 years
• Science 2 years
• History/Social Studies 2 years
• Modern Language 2 years
• Physical Education 2 years
• Arts Curriculum* 1 year
• Computer Literacy 1 year
• Community Service 20 hours per year

*The Arts Curriculum consists of Art, Communications, Theater, and Music.

Everybody Counts

Kindergarteners make connections to math, history, geography, and one another through language

The Sensitive Type

Pinewood's K-2 teachers offer SEL resources to help parents promote sensitivity