Grades 7-12

Developing Insightful and Critical Thinkers

We empower students to embrace and navigate the challenges faced in the technologically advanced, globally connected society of the 21st century.

Our core curriculum helps students develop academic stamina through the rigors of a classical education. Expert teachers employ proven methods while connecting with their students as individual learners. Pinewood’s comprehensive college preparatory program ensures that students are ready for the next steps in their academic life.

Carolina Rodriguez Steube ’18 was a sophomore at Pinewood when she began forming an interest in science. Her curiosity was fostered by teachers who recognized her growing passion and who connected her with additional opportunities for exploration. As her interest grew, she created opportunities for her fellow students to grow, as well. Carolina graduated from Pinewood in 2018 and is now beginning her first year at Johns Hopkins University studying molecular and cellular biology.

Our small classes allow teachers to get to know every student as an individual. By rising to the challenges their teachers pose, students build the confidence, initiative, and tenacity to tackle increasingly complex concepts.

Everybody Counts

Kindergarteners make connections to math, history, geography, and one another through language

The Sensitive Type

Pinewood's K-2 teachers offer SEL resources to help parents promote sensitivity