Pinewood provides students with the knowledge and support that empowers them to take charge of the college application process.

Our students develop the self-understanding to seek and gain admission to a college where they will continue to grow both academically and socially.

Pinewood offers a comprehensive College Counseling Program with personalized attention for each student. Our office is a complete “one-stop shop” for researching and applying to college. We believe students should take ownership of their college search as passionately as they do their studies and activities. With the student at the center – and recognizing that the student’s transition to college involves the whole family – we provide extensive, individualized support throughout the high school years. In fact, our students often seek college environments that reflect what they value at Pinewood: close relationships with faculty; challenging academics; and active, friendly communities.

Our goal is to help our students to find the right match through a series of processes and activities tailored around a supportive and individualized process that encourages self-awareness, personal growth, confidence, and decision-making. Our student-centered approach will empower your child to reflect on their talents, interests, goals, values, and aspirations in search of the right “fit.”

100% of Pinewood graduates are accepted to and matriculate to colleges and universities. But how do we measure success? Smiling students sharing how happy they are with their new school and community.

Our Process

Freshman Year

  • the college counselor meets with students in a classroom setting to help them understand themselves as learners and to encourage full engagement in high school as an important aspect of preparing for college
  • monthly parent Q&A sessions begin; see below

Sophomore Year

  • the PSAT 10 is administered for students to assess their current knowledge of subject matter, and become familiar with the style of the SAT test.
  • students explore the relationship between interests and abilities, and discuss college majors and careers
  • academic planning meetings are available upon request

Junior Year

  • the PSAT-NMSQT is administered to assess preparation for the SAT and to “determine eligibility and qualification for the National Merit Scholarship Program.”
  • in the fall, Pinewood School hosts representatives from various colleges and universities and student attendance is encouraged
  • small group meetings are held to discuss college academics, college life, and how to find a college that will best support a student's success
  • students meet individually with the college counselor to discuss their interests and to map out a plan for college exploration and college admissions testing
  • student/parent meetings are held in early spring to discuss preparation of a college application list
  • students complete an essay writing workshop, submit a first draft of a college essay, and receive individual feedback from the college counselor

Senior Year

  • students continue to refine their college essays and schedule a review with the college counselor
  • the college counselor meets with each student in early fall to finalize the college application list
  • throughout the fall: students finalize their essays and college application requirements; students are required to meet with the college counselor at least twice to discuss counselor letter of recommendation and essays.
  • students are encouraged to meet with the admissions representatives that visit Pinewood School


Looking to the Future

Individualized Paths, Communal Support

Students at Pinewood are encouraged to inquire, engage, and be aspirational. These six seniors represent an entire class of graduates who exemplify that truth.

"Our student-centered approach will empower your child to reflect on their talents, interests, goals, values, and aspirations in search of the right fit."
– Marvin Coote, Director of College Counseling

Marvin Coote

Director of College Counseling
Upper Campus