Through curricular and extracurricular programs, Pinewood students will be:

Well-rounded individuals who:
  • explore their strengths through participation in activities that interest them
  • embrace new academic and extracurricular challenges
  • honor their own individuality and respect the uniqueness of others
  • collaborate effectively across disciplines
  • work productively in a group setting, whether as leaders or contributors
  • become lifelong learners who continue their education in college and beyond
Insightful and critical thinkers who:
  • acquire, analyze, and apply information
  • develop innovative ideas to evaluate, clarify, and solve problems
  • maximize awareness of personal learning styles to fulfill academic potential
  • effectively and creatively utilize available resources and technologies
  • listen and read actively, respectfully, and critically
Self-motivated individuals who:
  • assume responsibility with confidence
  • set high goals and standards
  • explore their interests and cultivate their passions
  • assess their progress on a continual basis, modifying practices as needed
  • take risks, see failure as opportunity, and work through challenges with tenacity
Clear communicators who:
  • speak effectively in a variety of formats and venues
  • incorporate a variety of communication techniques and technologies
  • organize and present ideas in a logical and well-prepared manner
  • demonstrate appropriate written and verbal skills
  • understand, observe, and utilize proper social skills in real and virtual environments
Respectful individuals of character who:
  • understand and value personal differences
  • honor the rights of others to hold differing opinions
  • demonstrate integrity and accept responsibility for their actions both in the real world and online
  • listen to and consider constructive suggestions
  • promote kindness, compassion, and strength of character
  • resolve conflicts in a productive and mature manner

What's Happening at Pinewood School

Everybody Counts

Kindergarteners make connections to math, history, geography, and one another through language