Through curricular and extracurricular programs, Pinewood students will be:

Well-rounded individuals who:
  • explore their strengths through participation in activities that interest them
  • attempt new academic and extracurricular challenges
  • honor their own individuality and respect the uniqueness of others
  • are qualified to continue their education at a college level and beyond
Insightful and critical thinkers who:
  • acquire, analyze, and apply information
  • evaluate, clarify, and solve problems
  • determine and develop personal learning styles to fulfill academic potential
  • effectively and creatively utilize available resources
Self-motivated individuals who:
  • confidently assume responsibility
  • develop a positive vision and actively set goals
  • actively identify resources and seek out mentors to ensure life long learning
  • practice continual self-assessment and reevaluation
Clear communicators who:
  • engage and effectively communicate with a variety of audiences
  • organize and present ideas in a logical and well-prepared manner
  • demonstrate appropriate written and verbal skills
  • observe, understand, and utilize proper social skills
  • listen actively, respectfully, and critically
  • clarify and confirm understanding when necessary
Respectful individuals of character who:
  • accept differences and respect the opinion of others
  • demonstrate integrity and accept social responsibility
  • listen to and consider constructive suggestions
  • promote kindness, compassion, and strength of character
  • resolve conflicts in a productive and mature manner

What's Happening at Pinewood School

Inviting the World to Your Table

Brittany Schulte ’14 publishes guide to how we can incorporate the best, naturally healthy elements of other food cultures into our everyday lives

A Panther in Madagascar

Helena Merk ’17 and fellow Duke University engineers seek to provide clean water to remote village

Moving On Up

Congratulations to our 2018 8th-grade graduates!