Mutual Goals & Standards

All prospective students seeking admission to Pinewood School’s Upper Campus are asked to read and sign the following statement acknowledging their acceptance and support of our standards of behavior:
  • I hold human beings in high regard and will treat teachers, coaches, parents and fellow students with respect and kindness.
  • I want to attend a school that is alcohol, tobacco, and drug-free, and I will actively support this standard.
  • I use a high standard of language in and out of the classroom. Profanity and vulgarity detract from the positive atmosphere that I enjoy and will help maintain at Pinewood.
  • I support a conservative standard of daily attire and appearance. I appreciate the modesty and the degree of formality that help maintain Pinewood’s positive teaching environment.
  • I will practice academic integrity and conduct myself with honor at all times. Plagiarizing and cheating on tests and homework are unacceptable to me.
  • I will be a conscientious, responsible student and commit myself to honest and thorough completion of all assigned work.

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