Our Mission

This is Who We Are

Pinewood students seek knowledge, demonstrate character, build confidence, and experience joy in an uplifting community.


Pinewood Mission Moments

Finding A Voice

Through the performing arts, even the youngest students find their voices, work collaboratively, and gain confidence both on and off the stage.

Empowering Future Leaders

The Pinewood Scholars Program stands at the forefront of our mission to empower students with the skills they need to engage with the world.

Fire and Resilience

Pinewood alum Jason Raffin ('08) finds a deep sense of purpose by serving his community through the culinary arts.

Identity On the Airwaves

7th-grade students honor their own individuality and share parts of themselves with clarity and confidence.



We accomplish our mission by following these guiding principles.

  • To inspire joyful learning by cultivating curiosity, creativity, and character in our students.

  • To provide a well-rounded and engaging experience led by teachers who motivate their students through a challenging, content-rich curriculum that promotes academic stamina.

  • To foster empowering relationships that enable students to flourish as dignified and confident individuals.

  • To help students develop upstanding behavior by learning core values based on respect.

  • To graduate students who are productive, purposeful, and compassionate citizens and active members of their current and future communities.


Pinewood's student learning outcomes – the WISCRs – outline our goals for student growth and integrate our mission into the daily school experience.

Through curricular and extracurricular programs, Pinewood students will be:

Well-rounded individuals who:
  • explore their strengths through participation in activities that interest them
  • embrace new academic and extracurricular challenges
  • honor their own individuality and respect the uniqueness of others
  • collaborate effectively across disciplines
  • work productively in a group setting, whether as leaders or contributors
  • become lifelong learners who continue their education in college and beyond
Insightful and critical thinkers who:
  • acquire, analyze, and apply information
  • develop innovative ideas to evaluate, clarify, and solve problems
  • maximize awareness of personal learning styles to fulfill academic potential
  • effectively and creatively utilize available resources and technologies
  • listen and read actively, respectfully, and critically
Self-motivated individuals who:
  • assume responsibility with confidence
  • set high goals and standards
  • explore their interests and cultivate their passions
  • assess their progress on a continual basis, modifying practices as needed
  • take risks, see failure as opportunity, and work through challenges with tenacity
Clear communicators who:
  • speak effectively in a variety of formats and venues
  • incorporate a variety of communication techniques and technologies
  • organize and present ideas in a logical and well-prepared manner
  • demonstrate appropriate written and verbal skills
  • understand, observe, and utilize proper social skills in real and virtual environments
Respectful individuals of character who:
  • understand and value personal differences
  • honor the rights of others to hold differing opinions
  • demonstrate integrity and accept responsibility for their actions both in the real world and online
  • listen to and consider constructive suggestions
  • promote kindness, compassion, and strength of character
  • resolve conflicts in a productive and mature manner






21st Century Learning at Pinewood

At Pinewood, we empower students to embrace and navigate the challenges faced in the technologically advanced, globally connected society of the 21st Century. Our curriculum includes a full breadth of college preparatory courses, and our extra-curricular offerings are extensive. While mastering class content and pursuing potential interests, students become more creative, passionate, well-rounded, self-motivated, ethical, and insightful. As they encounter challenges and take risks, students build tenacity and resilience, becoming confident leaders and contributors inside and outside of the classroom. Our goal is for them to communicate with clarity and sensitivity, ultimately demonstrating cross-cultural awareness, understanding, and compassion. As Pinewood students are cultivating the ability to think deeply, read closely, speak confidently, and collaborate effectively across disciplines, they are also learning to use technology responsibly and innovatively. Master teachers foster all of these traits and abilities through state-of-the-art teaching techniques and technologies, high expectations, and consistent feedback. Above all, Pinewood teachers treat students with care and respect, nurturing their social, emotional, and physical well-being along with their academic growth.