Pinewood's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Vision Statement

Pinewood’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives aspire to create an inclusive community where individuality is honored and each member feels a sense of belonging. We recognize that a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity in our identities, ideas, experiences, and cultures uplift all members of the community. Pinewood strives to create empathy through character building, vulnerable conversations, the pursuit of knowledge, and the sharing of joyful experiences. To this end, we are committed to teaching and practicing equity and inclusion so that our students as well as our entire Pinewood community may gain perspective and develop skills to effect positive change within our community and in the world beyond.

Diversity + Community

Teaching and Practicing Equity and Inclusion

DEI at Pinewood

Pinewood has a designated DEI leader who oversees all K-12 initiatives, working diligently to ensure that school-wide programs foster an inclusive school climate. The focus is on cultivating increased cross-cultural competencies, promoting culturally responsive teaching, and empowering every member of our school community to champion a sense of belonging.