Diversity & Community

Vision Statement

Pinewood’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion initiatives aspire to create an inclusive community where individuality is honored and each member feels a sense of belonging. We recognize that a deeper understanding and appreciation of the diversity in our identities, ideas, experiences, and cultures uplift all members of the community. Pinewood strives to create empathy through character building, vulnerable conversations, the pursuit of knowledge, and the sharing of joyful experiences. To this end, we are committed to teaching and practicing equity and inclusion so that our students as well as our entire Pinewood community may gain perspective and develop skills to effect positive change within our community and in the world beyond.

Diversity & Community Newsletter

Below, you'll find issues of Pinewood's monthly newsletter which aims to recognize, explore, and celebrate the diversity of our Pinewood community.

September 2021

October 2021

November 2021

December 2021

We look forward to sharing more about our efforts surrounding diversity, equity, and inclusion. Please check back for updates!

Jackee Bruno

Director of Diversity and Community
DEI Committee Members

Lower Campus: Jeanne Bates, Ramón Javier (consultant), Jordan Maliksi, Karen O'Donnell

Middle Campus: Sarah Haun, Ramón Javier (consultant), Tanya Lemmon, Cassie Stewart, John Swift, Ria Walker

Upper Campus: Rob Bergenstock, Olivia Bradley, Stephanie Fugita, Haley Hemm, Ramón Javier (consultant), Gabriel Lemmon, Sarah Prestwood, Eric Schreiber, Jyoti Sicina, Carolyn Siegel