Pinewood School

Knowledge • Character • Confidence • Joy • Community

Students, parents, and teachers say it all the time: Pinewood is a family. It’s an encouraging, supportive, safe community where students and teachers inspire the best in each other every day.

And it’s no wonder. Our founders—my grandparents—Gwen and Vic Riches, started the school in the family home here in 1959. The pine grove they planted still thrives on Middle Campus, and gives our school its name.

Today, members of the extended Riches family, along with Pinewood’s outstanding faculty and staff, carry on our founders’ vision. Our program carefully balances academics, training in public speaking and the arts, physical education, and the development of personal integrity and character. We’ve seen generations of our students grow into confident, thoughtful, expressive young adults, fully prepared for college and life beyond.

As a parent, I know you have many questions as you seek the best school experience for your child. Will the academic program be challenging and motivating? Will there be opportunities for my child to discover personal talents, passions, and dreams for the future? And most important—will my child love going to school here every day?

We invite your family to explore Pinewood and find out if it feels like home to you—a place for your child to flourish. Our Pinewood family looks forward to meeting yours. 

Scott Riches

President and Head of School



Our Board of Directors

The members of Pinewood’s Board of Directors have given a lifetime of dedication to the school. They are committed to the integrity of the past, the stability of the present, and the viability of the future. The core values and responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • offer a strong curriculum that prepares students to succeed at universities, colleges, and in their chosen profession.
  • build a foundation of values, attitudes, knowledge, and habits that maximize personal potential and fulfillment.
  • provide an atmosphere of dignity, character, wholesomeness, and respect.
  • maintain a strong financial base and sound financial leadership.
Everybody Counts

Kindergarteners make connections to math, history, geography, and one another through language

"This is an extraordinary school. From academics to values to arts to sports . . . truly a gem. The school is filled with excellent educators, administrators, and counselors dedicated to shaping bright futures for our kids. As parents, we are truly grateful to be a part of the Pinewood family."
– Pinewood Parent