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Technology at Pinewood (K-12)

Our goal is to utilize technology to personalize and deepen the educational experience of our students by developing critical thinking and problem solving skills. We aim to enhance the way students learn, communicate, and connect with the world around them, by promoting innovation, creativity, and collaboration.

Lower Campus (K-2)

At Lower Campus, technology is readily available for teacher and student use and is woven throughout the curriculum as developmentally appropriate. AppleTVs help enrich our curriculum, as do Smartboards in the first and second grade classrooms. At the kindergarten level, the primary modality of instruction focuses on invaluable kinesthetic and tangible experiences. All of our students work with iPads as tools to deepen understanding, reinforce course content, explore topics through a new lens, and to record and share work and performances.

Middle Campus (3-6)

We embrace our responsibility to educate our students to be life-long learners as well as safe and responsible digital citizens. The role that critical thinking skills and technology play in that success is extremely important. Technology at Middle Campus is readily available for teacher and student use. Applications for technology are woven throughout the curriculum to enrich the learning environment as our teachers actively pursue new 21st century strategies for increasing student engagement and enhancing learning outcomes. All 3rd through 6th grade students work with iPads as tools, have access to Apple laptops, and classrooms are equipped with Smartboards and AppleTVs.

Upper Campus (7-12)

At Upper Campus, technology is a tool not a focus. In every department, teachers blend technology with traditional teaching strategies to create a vital, innovative and engaging learning environment. Through our 1:1 iPad program, technology use deepens understanding and expands course content, as students explore topics from varied perspectives, and create, curate, collaborate and share ideas. Specific computer science curriculum, including required courses in grades 7–9 and optional advanced electives for upperclassmen, equips students to become responsible members of our global digital community.

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