Doc Scheppler with "Sports Illustrated" on Klay Thompson
Posted 06/08/2017 09:53AM

Klay Thompson scored an impressive 30 points in last night's BIG win by the Golden State Warriors.

Our very own Coach Doc Scheppler was a key player in this recent Sports Illustrated article about Klay's effective, emulable style.

"Scheppler has spent four decades in coaching. He's been named state coach of the year while leading a three-heavy, share-the-ball approach at Pinewood ("We Don't Play Like the Warriors. The Warriors Play Like Us" is the team's motto). Jeremy Lin hired Scheppler as his personal shooting coach. And he regularly works with an array of local players, from 5th graders in the South Bay to Cal guard Sam Singer. Whenever he needs a visual model for players, he shows them clips of Klay."

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