Exploring the Humanities with 3D Printing Technology
Posted 05/16/2017 08:37AM

Cole, a sophomore here at Pinewood, was the *only* student selected to present at the Construct3D Conference at Duke University last week. Read what Josh Ajima, Program Chair of the conference, had to say about Cole's contribution, below:

"Cole presented to a room of 250 luminaries at the intersection of education and digital fabrication. Having a student voice at the conference was an essential element to the rich conversation about the role of 3D printing in education. Cole spoke passionately about his love of design and humanities and how 3D printing enabled his work exploring the themes of social justice and equality. Afterwards, I heard attendees marveling at the detail and thought that went into Cole's pieces.

"While the conference benefited from his presentation, I believe that the experience was also an excellent educational opportunity for Cole. His presentation proposal was one of over a hundred and fifty received by the conference committee. Cole's proposal was reviewed and accepted on the merits of the presentation without any extra accommodation for his age or status as a student. Cole acted in a professional manner during the conference and was able to learn from and network with some of the top designers, artists and educators in the growing field of digital fabrication."

The Construct3D program entry for Cole's talk can be found here.

Read a tweet from an audience member about Cole's presentation.

We are incredibly proud of Cole, his hard work, and the major contributions we're sure he'll continue to bring to his world!

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