Administration & Faculty


Pinewood School’s administrative staff and teachers partner to ensure that high curriculum standards, continued academic progress, and solid core values are established and maintained for all students. In addition, the administration works to:

  • provide the infrastructure that supports our curriculum, school resources, facilities, and services.
  • maintain the rules and regulations that ensure a safe and productive environment for the school community.
  • facilitate an open dialogue between families and the Pinewood faculty.
  • foster rapport, cooperation, and unity of purpose among the faculty, Board of Directors, and the administration.


Our faculty are committed to providing students with a challenging yet supportive and well-rounded education. Small class size also helps to foster a close academic and social relationship between students and teachers. To this end, Pinewood carefully selects instructors who:

  • are well educated in their specific field and enthusiastic about teaching their  subject area.
  • possess the personal dynamics vital to fine teaching.
  • inspire, assess, and enlighten students.
  • encourage student participation in a broad array of campus and extra-curricular activities.

Board of Directors

The members of Pinewood’s Board of Directors have given a lifetime of dedication to the school. They are committed to the integrity of the past, the stability of the present, and the viability of the future. The core values and responsibilities of the Board are to:

  • offer a strong curriculum that prepares students to succeed at universities, colleges, and in their chosen profession.
  • build a foundation of values, attitudes, knowledge, and habits that maximize personal potential and fulfillment.
  • provide an atmosphere of dignity, character, wholesomeness, and respect.
  • maintain a strong financial base and sound financial leadership.
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