Student Life

Pinewood offers students numerous opportunities to explore their own diverse facets, known and unknown. At Pinewood, students can perform in the school play, help raise funds for a cause, compete in a variety of sports, visit other countries, or join one of the many clubs offered on campus. No matter what endeavors our students choose to pursue, their experiences spark a journey of self-discovery that is never defined or restricted by labels. At Pinewood, you won’t find the usual stereotypes or clichés—just unlimited exploration.


Every year Pinewood hosts various artists, authors, and educators that come to each campus to address our students. These events may be educational, entertaining, or inspirational; adding value to the school’s curriculum, capturing students’ attention, and hopefully sending them home with an important message.


A competitive after-school program is open to students in grades 4-12. Click here for additional details.

Campus Activities

In addition to the Clubs and Extra-Curricular activities listed below, students also have the following opportunities to become involved:   performing arts events, spirit days, holiday festivities, lunchtime activities, and talent shows (K-12)  •  casual, themed, and formal dances (7-12)  •  student concerts, spirit competitions, sports rallies, and themed dress days (7-12)  •  student-faculty games (3-12)  •  intramurals (3-12)  •  science fair (3-8)  •  scouting activities (K-6).

Class Trips

Class trips are a fun change of pace for students. All of these excursions provide a shared experience for students and a chance to get to know one another outside of the traditional classroom environment. Many of the trips also present unique opportunities for teachers to illustrate their lessons in a different way and extend the classroom resources available to students. Pinewood offers a variety of cultural, civic, scientific, social, and overnight field trips to all students.

Clubs and Extra-Curricular Activities

The faculty and staff actively encourage and support involvement and participation in after-school activities and athletics. A wide variety of opportunities are available to students throughout the year. After-school supervision is available for students in grades K-6.
Grades K-2 | Grades 3-6 | Grades 7-12

College Planning

College planning is available to all high school students (9-12) and involves the student, parents, and college counselor. Planning begins during the freshman year; click here for details on the complete program.

Community Events

The surrounding community is invited to a number of Pinewood student events including: visual arts shows (3-12)  •  choral concerts (1-12)  •  high school theater/drama productions (9-12).

Community Service

Community service helps broaden awareness of families in need and provides opportunities to help meet those needs. Students at all three campuses participate in a variety of service activities during the academic year. Participation in these programs is strictly voluntary. Some examples of our students’ efforts: blood drives  •  collections for books, food, and toys  •  club-sponsored fundraisers for various charities  •  Jump Rope for Heart  •  choral outreach concerts. Students in grades 7-12 are required to complete a minimum of twenty hours community service (click here for service ideas).

Internship Program, Grades 11-12

Lunch Program

School lunches may be ordered through the Epicurean Group of Los Altos; this is an optional program. The Epicurean Group is a food service contractor that specializes in fresh, seasonal, and organic food, prepared from scratch every day. Menus are customized based on feedback from students, faculty, and staff.

Performing Arts
  • Theater (K-12) - Outside of the required theater curriculum for grades K-8, Pinewood High School stages three major theater productions during the year. While participation is optional for high school students,  45% of high school students are involved at some level: acting, stage production, costume, technical, and marketing. The high school theater productions are open to the Pinewood community as well as to family and friends.
  • Choir (1-12) - For students in grades 1-8, choir is an extra-curricular activity. The Pinewood Singers (9-12 boys/11-12 girls) and Women’s Chorus (9-10 girls) are class electives and are part of a student's weekly schedule for the term. During the year all choirs perform for the school and the community, and the high school choirs have also performed in Santa Barbara, Los Angeles, New York, London, and Rome.
Student Government

Several elected leadership opportunities are available to interested students in grades 3-12. At each campus, the student councils represent individual classes and, at the high school level, the student body. The duties of the student council include: sharing student ideas, interests, or concerns with the administration; planning campus activities, and helping raise funds for or researching/organizing community service projects. The Student Leadership Council (SLC) serves at the Middle Campus and at Upper Campus, students may be elected to a Class Officer position (7-12) or to the Associated Student Body (11-12).

Student Publications

The Perennial is Pinewood’s Upper School student newspaper, and it is published several times during the school year. Paw Prints is the Middle Campus student newspaper and it is published monthly during the school year.

Uniforms / Dress Code

Students in grades K-6 are expected to be in uniform during the entire school day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. Free dress is permitted every Wednesday and at various times throughout the year; a dress code is enforced. Click here for specific uniform guidelines and Wednesday dress code, or reference the Parent-Student Handbook.

Uniforms are not required for grades 7-12. However a common-sense dress code is enforced. Specific guidelines may be found in the Upper Campus Parent-Student Handbook.

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