Many independent schools describe themselves as a family, as a second home for the students they educate. But at Pinewood, family is the living, ever expanding heart of learning. Pinewood teaches, and demonstrates through example, that being a good student is inseparable from being a good citizen. Respect and kindness form the bedrock of our community.

At every level, from the youngest student, through the teachers and principals, and ultimately the board, the school pillars itself on this simple concept. Students are made to feel as though they are valued members of the community. The Pinewood community is large enough to offer many activities but small enough to encourage students to challenge their abilities and participate in activities that help them discover new interests. In our “intentional” education, Pinewood community members internalize these qualities which lead to a life of dignity, leadership, creativity, productivity, and fulfillment.

The success of this approach is reflected in our alumni, who continue to participate in many school activities. Finally, the Pinewood community would not be complete without the tireless support of parents. Through volunteer activities, parents have a unique ability to participate in their children’s educational growth.

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