Why Pinewood?
Families come to Pinewood for many reasons—dynamic, expert teachers; top-­flight academic programs; our commitment to fostering confident self-expression; the wide range of sports and activities we offer; our community’s timeless moral values. But as students and parents soon discover, all these benefits work in concert to make Pinewood a place like no other.

Visit any of our three campuses, and you will immediately sense the exuberance, kindness, and intelligence that our teachers and students inspire in each other every day.  Together we create a transformative environment of high expectations, energetic self-­expression, and warm encouragement. Quite simply, we love it here, and we believe you will too.

We look forward to sharing the Pinewood experience with you.

Admissions Office, Grades K-6  | Email  |  650-209-3020
Admissions Office, Grades 7-12  |  Email  | 650-209-3060
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