Mission Statement

At Pinewood, we shape our students’ growth through a more intentional way of learning:

  • ensuring all students learn from passionate experts
    so that they delve far deeper than textbook coverage, inspired by the enthusiasm and leadership of educators who have achieved mastery in their fields

  • creating a disciplined yet joyful culture of public self‐expression
    by teaching presentation skills onstage and in the classroom, helping students blossom into dynamic, self‐confident communicators

  • upholding high academic expectations
    to build the kind of intellectual stamina that leads students to think critically and engage actively in their studies

  • setting grounded examples for moral behavior
    so that the core values of our school family—respect, service, honesty, kindness, citizenship—inspire our students to make good choices in all their endeavors

  • leading students through a proven curriculum that fosters creativity, passion for learning, and further exploration
    while allowing students to uncover new talents and investigate their potential in a supportive environment that unleashes possibilities

Through this more intentional way of learning, Pinewood students grow as considerate, adventurous, expressive, self-aware young people, prepared for their top‐choice colleges and for meaningful and productive lives.

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