Mission + Values

Mission Statement

At Pinewood, we shape our students' growth through a more intentional way of learning:

Ensuring all students learn from passionate experts

so that they delve far deeper than textbook coverage, inspired by the enthusiasm and leadership of educators who have achieved mastery in their fields

Creating a disciplined yet joyful culture of public self‐expression

by teaching presentation skills onstage and in the classroom, helping students blossom into dynamic, self‐confident communicators

Upholding high academic expectations

to build the kind of academic stamina that leads students to think critically and engage actively in their studies

Setting grounded examples for upstanding behavior

so that the core values of our school family—respect, service, honesty, kindness, citizenship—inspire our students to make good choices in all their endeavors

Leading students through a proven curriculum that fosters creativity, passion for learning, and further exploration

while allowing students to uncover new talents and investigate their potential in a supportive environment that unleashes possibilities

Through this more intentional way of learning, Pinewood students grow as considerate, adventurous, expressive, self-aware young people, prepared for their top‐choice colleges and for meaningful and productive lives.

Expectations + Values

We are committed to the intellectual development of our students and assume that students who come to Pinewood care about learning and are eager to participate actively in their education. “Pinewood is the Difference” and we take pride in making this a reality.

Pinewood values the strengths and rich content of a classical education. Students master the foundational knowledge essential for developing higher level thinking skills (creativity, analysis, critical thinking).

Pinewood students realize that confidence is the willingness to attempt a difficult task no matter what the outcome and, therefore, are not afraid to try new challenges. They increase their academic stamina as they experience the rewards of tenacity and focus.

Grades K-6 Expectations + Values

Our Lower Campus and Middle Campus students (K-6) are committed to:

  • treating fellow students and teachers with kindness and respect.
  • taking responsibility for their personal actions.
  • being honest at all times.
  • using uplifting language.
  • putting forth a best effort.

Grades 7-12 Expectations + Values

  • Our Upper Campus students pursue and embrace the acronym WISCR (a reference to the Pinewood Panther mascot). The WISCRs summarize the expected learning outcomes for all our students and integrate Pinewood’s goals and objectives into the daily classroom environment.
  • All prospective students seeking admission to Pinewood School’s Upper Campus are asked to read and sign the following statement acknowledging their acceptance and support of our standards of behavior: Statement of Mutual Goals and Standards.

What's Happening at Pinewood School

Row, Row, Row Your Boat

Our 6th graders ventured to the Marine Science Institute in Redwood City for the Canoes in Sloughs field trip, where they learned paddling techniques, canoe safety, and did chemistry experiments on the water quality.

A Day on the Farm

Our 2nd graders visited Ardenwood Historic Farm, where they learned about the Victorian farm and home life of the Patterson family from the 1800s.

Robust Enrichment + Rigorous Academics | True to Our Roots

Considering our strong foundation, it’s no wonder that Pinewood students’ academic achievements match or exceed those of any school in the area. And with the guidance of our comprehensive, expert-­led college counseling program, our students go on to attend the finest colleges and universities in the nation.

Student Athlete Spotlight | Jaeden Bailey '18

Pinewood's Student Athlete Spotlight recognizes a student who: competes at a high level during both games and practices, is a supportive and uplifting teammate, shows leadership on and off the playing field/court, holds high academic standings, and is well-rounded outside of the athletics program.